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Every night our entire group meets to talk about how the day went and to go over tomorrow's schedule.  The question we use to think about how our day went is, "Where did you see God today?"  I love this question because its helps us to see God in our everyday experiences.

Here is a sampling of how the group saw God on Tuesday:

In the gratitude of the woman whose house we painted, in giving piggy back rides to little kids, in the woman who made us Zuni flatbread for our dinner, in the willingness of our high school students to help out when needed, iin our morning run, in the Christlike attitude of the woman who came to clean the building, in nature, in the energy and smiles of children, in God's creatures, in singing "Oh, happy day" at Kid's Club, in our work in the drama group for Kid's Club, in the love and trust of little children, in the leadership of our students, in kid's who aren't afraid to learn something new, in the testimony of the woman we served, in the attitude of our group, in playing parachute games with kids at Kid's Club.

Answers like these are why I love mission trips.  Getting out of our normal routine and away from everyday distrations creates an opportunity for a lot of growth in a short time.  I can see that many members of our team are learning to see how God works in so many ways in our lives throughout the day.  I love how diverse the answers of the group are every night when I ask this question.  I have been blessed to see a lot of students and leaders (including myself) grow on this trip, learn new things and discover God given gifts they did not know they had before.


I want to start by bragging a little bit.  I was incredibly impressed by our students on Monday.  Every single person in our group went above and beyond when it came to leading our first Kid's Club and painting in the heat yesterday.  Every single one of our students took on leadership roles that stretched them.  They took on the different tasks they were asked to do without complaining.  They took iniative, thought ahead, came up with creative ideas and stepped up to the challenge of leading the 32 kids who came here on Monday.  Those who painted did so in the heat with good attitudes.  I am incredibly thankful for each and every one of our students and for the adult leaders on our trip.  I praise God for all of them!

We spent the morning planning and getting ready our Kid's Club in the afternoon.  Our lesson was on Noah and we wanted the kids to learn about God's love for them and his promise to save them and restore the earth.  Yesterday at church, a woman approached one of our leaders and said she would pray for over 30 children to come to Kid's Club.  It was an incredible blessing when we counted the amount of kids and realized that we had 32.  Praise God!  It is good to be specific when we pray to God!

We split the group into several teams according to their God given gifts.  We had a skit team, a game team, a craft team, a music team and a snack/setup team.  We gave all of them the resources and ideas they would need to lead their section of the Kid's Club and they did an amazing job!  The skit team came up with an awesome retelling of Noah.  A highlight for me was when Noah sent out a paper airplane from the ark because we didn't have access to a dove.  The paper airplane dove was even thrown back to Noah with an olive branch in it!

20170717 131259

Above: The group gathers for our Kid's Club on Noah.



Sunday marks our second day here in Zuni and we have had a wonderful day today to worship with the congregation at Zuni Christian Mission and to explore the village a little bit.

There are two things that members of our group have remarked about over and over again.  The first is the amazing scenery around the village.  There are beautiful Mesa’s in the distance and the desert is many different shades of brown and green.  The second thing people keep saying over and over again is how amazing the facilities are here at Zuni Christian Mission.  They have a beautiful sanctuary, a large gym, a nice youth space, a top of the line kitchen and plenty of office space and classrooms.