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Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for our sins and was raised from the dead to give us new life.

This is the Gospel and anyone who believes in the Gospel will be saved.

Our theme for Flame this year has been the Gospel 24-7.  The lessons at our meetings have centered on helping our students live the Gospel out in every area of life.  We have looked at what the Gospel is, what it means to follow Christ (trust), who Jesus is and we have lived the Gospel out together through acts of worship and service.

Tonight at Flame we split into three small groups and visited the homes of Hubert & Kaye DeWolf, Clarence & Betty Schipper and Arlene Wassink.  I love this event because the students always return talking about the interesting stories they were told and the new things they learned.

I couldn't be in three places at once so I asked the other leaders to take a few notes so I could tell you what each group talked about.

Tonight at Flame we continued our Gospel 24-7 theme with an activity that brought us through the Gospel of Mark.

At just 16 chapters, Mark is the shortest of the four Gospels.  Do you ever wonder why we don't read Mark's Gospel at Christmas?  Its because he makes no mention of the story of Jesus' birth.  Some of the stories that are found in Mark are bare bones versions of the same stories told in Matthew and Luke.  The details about Jesus life included in the Gospel of Mark all point to one event that happens at the very end of the book.  The book ends with three women discovering that the tomb of Jesus is empty.  The large stone in front of its entrance had been rolled back and a young man clothed in white robes tells them that Christ has risen!