R.Y.G. Blog

Its rained every single day that we have been here in Zuni.  No one from our group who has been here before has had more than one or two days with rain before.  For the most part the rain has been in the evening, so it hasn't prevented us from working.  Most of the time when it rains, it rains hard.  The stream next to the school which was just a puddle when we got here last week is now filled with water.  Even still, the stream only flows while it was raining.  I have enjoyed the heavy rains, because the desert plants around us have turned green and wild flowers are blooming everywhere.  There has also been a ton of lightening.  Below is a pic that Jason caught of a far off lightening bolt.


One of the major differences between Zuni and Jenison is that if you are working on a project in Jenison and you forget something, its just a short trip to Gemmen's or Lowes to get exactly what you need.  If you don't have something in Zuni, there is a hardware store you can go to, but they might not have the exact right product you need.  The nearest Home Depot is a 45 minute drive away in Gallup.

The amount of time it takes to get materials has required those on the trip doing physical labor to be both patient and flexible.  On our first day, one group was all set to repaint a shed, when they realized that they had been supplied with stain, which you can't put over paint!  They were flexible and we soon were able to send them to paint a different shed that needed to be stained.  I sometimes wonder if mixups like these  are God's way of pointing us to the projects that he wants us to complete.

This is why my theme for many service projects and something I told the group as we went over the schedule was, "Just Roll With It"

Every night our entire group meets to talk about how the day went and to go over tomorrow's schedule.  The question we use to think about how our day went is, "Where did you see God today?"  I love this question because its helps us to see God in our everyday experiences.

Here is a sampling of how the group saw God on Tuesday:

In the gratitude of the woman whose house we painted, in giving piggy back rides to little kids, in the woman who made us Zuni flatbread for our dinner, in the willingness of our high school students to help out when needed, iin our morning run, in the Christlike attitude of the woman who came to clean the building, in nature, in the energy and smiles of children, in God's creatures, in singing "Oh, happy day" at Kid's Club, in our work in the drama group for Kid's Club, in the love and trust of little children, in the leadership of our students, in kid's who aren't afraid to learn something new, in the testimony of the woman we served, in the attitude of our group, in playing parachute games with kids at Kid's Club.

Answers like these are why I love mission trips.  Getting out of our normal routine and away from everyday distrations creates an opportunity for a lot of growth in a short time.  I can see that many members of our team are learning to see how God works in so many ways in our lives throughout the day.  I love how diverse the answers of the group are every night when I ask this question.  I have been blessed to see a lot of students and leaders (including myself) grow on this trip, learn new things and discover God given gifts they did not know they had before.