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Tonight at Flame we introduced our theme for the year which is Christian Practices.

Christian Practices are things that Christians can do to grow closer to God and each other.  They are things that we do in response to God's love for us and they are a way that God fills us up.  They help us become the people that we were made to be.  Our goal for this year is to help the students see that its possible to do things each and everyday that help bring us closer to God and to build his Kingdom.

We started off with a meal together.  The dinners at the beginning of our meetings are a time of fellowship and good conversation.  They are a chance for the leaders to sit down and catch up with the students.

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Our theme for Spark this year is: Christlike.  We are going to look at stories from the life of Jesus each at each meting and think about the example he sets for us as we seek to live for him each and every day.

We started off with a fun--and literal--ice breaker.  It was a great activity given the 90 degree weather we have been having this September!


We had a great time at Flame tonight for our photohunt Kickoff!

The students were split into groups of 4-5 and went with their leaders all over Georgetown Township.  The list they were given included things like getting a picture with a live chicken, sitting on a zamboni, giving cookies to firefighters, in front of other Georgetown Townships other CRC churches and many more!  Check out some of the pics below.  I will add some more to our facebook page as I get them from the other leaders.


Above: Team "Gator Nation' gets 10 pts for dropping by the Blouw's house to take a pic with them.