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Tonight at Flame we introduced our theme for the year which is Christian Practices.

Christian Practices are things that Christians can do to grow closer to God and each other.  They are things that we do in response to God's love for us and they are a way that God fills us up.  They help us become the people that we were made to be.  Our goal for this year is to help the students see that its possible to do things each and everyday that help bring us closer to God and to build his Kingdom.

We started off with a meal together.  The dinners at the beginning of our meetings are a time of fellowship and good conversation.  They are a chance for the leaders to sit down and catch up with the students.

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Below: After dinner, the students did an opening activity where they were split into groups and asked to draw a picture of their ideal life.  The students drawings featured some common life goals including owning a house, having a nice car, getting married and having kids and finding a good job to make money to pay for it all.

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After the students finished their drawings, the question was asked, "How do you get all these things?"  The answer of course was go to school and work hard (or win the lottery!).

Most people in our culture have similar goals to these and we spend each and every day of our lives working towards them.  Our daily habits of waking up, getting ready for school, going to school, going to after school activities, and doing homework late at night are all done with the end goal of acheiving our dreams of owning homes and having our own families someday.

 The same is true for the habits we practice as Christians.  The end goal of the Christian life is to become the people God meant for us to be.  Some of the Christian practices that we are going to talk about and then do together this year at our Flame meetings include: Fellowship, simplicity, service, confession, following Jesus, prayer, worship and rest.

We ended our time together with a game that involved goals.  It was kind of like frisbee golf with balls.  I think they students had a lot of fun with it!

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