R.Y.G. Blog

We had a great time at Flame tonight for our photohunt Kickoff!

The students were split into groups of 4-5 and went with their leaders all over Georgetown Township.  The list they were given included things like getting a picture with a live chicken, sitting on a zamboni, giving cookies to firefighters, in front of other Georgetown Townships other CRC churches and many more!  Check out some of the pics below.  I will add some more to our facebook page as I get them from the other leaders.


Above: Team "Gator Nation' gets 10 pts for dropping by the Blouw's house to take a pic with them.

Below: Team "Shoes" gets a pic after buying the cheapest thing on the menu at MCDonald's: A cookie!



Below: The students bring cookies to some volunteer firefighters at the Georgetown Fire Station to earn 25 points.  One of the firefighters recognized the name of Ridgewood CRC because his brother was one of the firefighters who battled the fire that happened many years ago at Ridgewood.



Below: Students posing with a muscle car.



Below: Students earn 5 pts for getting a picture on a tractor.


Below: At Visser farms.


Below: My favorite picture of the night.  Team "Shoes" managed to get a pic on a zamboni!


Our next meeting is September 24 at church!