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We had a lot of fun Wednesday night at the Spark kickoff!

We met down the street from Ridgewood at Hager Park for a photo scavenger hunt.  We started off with some fun name games to welcome new students and to help everyone learn each others names.  After our opening games, we split into three groups for our photo scavenger hunt.  The students were given a list of 25 things they had to locate in the park and take a group picture with.  There was even a secret station set up that students had to find in the park.  When they got there, they found some bins with dress up clothes.  They had to put on a crazy outfit for a group picture.

The groups had 45 minutes to complete their list and all of them came back before time ran out.  The students got 50 points for each picture and 100 points for finding the secret stations.  What the students didn't know was that they were also going to be given points for sticking together as a group and for how well they worked together as a team.  All three teams worked well together and stuck together the whole time which meant that we ended with a 3 way tie for first place!

We ended the night with some snacks and a preview of our theme for the year which is "Christlike".  Our lessons will focus on the example Jesus sets for us in the Gospels

Our next meeting is September 20 at church!  You can see some pics from our evening below.

IMG 023811

The students take a picture in midair.


IMG 02371

Students build a human pyramid.


20170906 194201

These boys learned what a tulip tree was.  They had to find one (there was a sign in front of it) and take a group picture.


20170906 193650

Josh and Ben dress up at the secret station.


20170906 192030

The teams had to find another team and shake hands.