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Its rained every single day that we have been here in Zuni.  No one from our group who has been here before has had more than one or two days with rain before.  For the most part the rain has been in the evening, so it hasn't prevented us from working.  Most of the time when it rains, it rains hard.  The stream next to the school which was just a puddle when we got here last week is now filled with water.  Even still, the stream only flows while it was raining.  I have enjoyed the heavy rains, because the desert plants around us have turned green and wild flowers are blooming everywhere.  There has also been a ton of lightening.  Below is a pic that Jason caught of a far off lightening bolt.


I've posted a few times about our Kid's Club.  On Thursday the group led a lesson on Jesus and the little Children.  I had been a part of the drama group for the past 3 days and it was a lot of fun working with our group.  I showed them the ropes on how to write and create a skit on Monday and by Wednesday they had the routine down so well that they were able to do it with far less guidance from me.  Our students did such a great job with it.

On Thursday, I was able to switch from Kid's Club to doing manual labor.  Below are some pics from projects that our group worked on this week.


Below: Jacob spent much of the day in a 4ft crawlspace to drywall it for fireproofing.

20170720 104011


Below is a pic of a railing designed by Steve Baker for an elderly person who lives near the church.

IMG 0719


Here is another pic of the railing along with a local artisan who makes stone carvings named Gordon.  He is the son of the man we made the railing for.

IMG 0722


Coming next: Our Friday summary from our trip to El Morro and Nutria Canyon!