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One of the major differences between Zuni and Jenison is that if you are working on a project in Jenison and you forget something, its just a short trip to Gemmen's or Lowes to get exactly what you need.  If you don't have something in Zuni, there is a hardware store you can go to, but they might not have the exact right product you need.  The nearest Home Depot is a 45 minute drive away in Gallup.

The amount of time it takes to get materials has required those on the trip doing physical labor to be both patient and flexible.  On our first day, one group was all set to repaint a shed, when they realized that they had been supplied with stain, which you can't put over paint!  They were flexible and we soon were able to send them to paint a different shed that needed to be stained.  I sometimes wonder if mixups like these  are God's way of pointing us to the projects that he wants us to complete.

This is why my theme for many service projects and something I told the group as we went over the schedule was, "Just Roll With It"

Below: We had our third Kid's Club of the week.  This time the story was David and Goliath where the children learned that we are to rely on God's strength and not our own as we seek to obey God each day.  The kids who come each day to Kid's Club love to be hugged and its not hard to find wonderful high school students who love to give hugs.

IMG 3915

Below: We had a real life giant come in during our David and Goliath skit today.  We even incorporated the giant into our game after our lesson was done.  Here is the head of the giant and in the next picture...

IMG 3897

IMG 3891

Above: Here is the lower portion of the giant.  The kids all made marshmallow shooters that they used to defeat the giant.  The kids really got a kick out of this one!

Below: We had breakfast for dinner tonight, which was a good chance for Pastor Rich to show off his pancake making skills.  You can see a pancake that looks like America (sort of) below.

IMG 3931

After dinner we had a youth group meeting with some of the students from the Zuni Youth Group.  We had a lesson on the Rich Young Ruler and what it looks like to truly devote ourselves to God.  

We ended the day by heading out to nearby Turtle Rock, which is a rock formation that looks like a turtle with its head sticking out.  The picture below shows the body of the "turtle".

 IMG 4092

Below: We were able to take in a beautiful sunset and a lightening storm (that we were 10 miles away from for those who might worry!) at Turtle Rock.  

IMG 4053