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We had a great night at the Flame Christmas party. Our special guests for the night were the team from YWAM, whom Ridgewood has been hosting for the past two weeks and they prepare for their mission trip to Taiwan.  I was impressed by how well the two groups melded together throughout the evening.  I loved seeing the Flame students and the YWAM team get to know each other through out the evening.

We started off with a wonderful meal provided by Jayne and Tom Wierenga.  I took a picture of the spread which you can see below.

After dinner we headed to the youth room for our annual white elephant gift exchange.  Some of the highlights were: a decorative ceramic cat, math homework with a brand new protractor, a spongebob bathtub kit, and jolly ranchers with $15.00 itunes gift cards.  You can guess which one was the most stolen item of the night.  :)

After we finished white elephant, we closed the night out with a time of worship led by the YWAM team and a short talk on identity led by one of the YWAM participants named Katie.  She shared a story from her own life about some hardships she endured and how she came to learn what it means that our identity is in Christ.

Before the night ended, I asked the YWAM team to come to the center of the circle and we all layed hands on them and prayed for them.  They will leave this week to spend 6 weeks in Taiwan doing outreach and sharing the love of Christ with the people they meet there.

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We had an excellent dinner provided for us by Jayne and Tom Wierenga.



Bernie was really excited for his toy story bag!  His Jollyranchers and Itunes gift card were quickly stolen.  :)



Patches, from the YWAM team, asks for advice about what gift to choose.