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Psalm 46 is a wonderful Psalm to turn to during times of trouble.

It begins:

"God is our refuge and strength,

    an ever-present help in trouble.

And it ends:

“The Lord Almighty is with us;

    the God of Jacob is our fortress.”

Tonight at Flame we built a fortress out of cardboard to illustrate Psalm 46.  The students then colored pictures to or wrote verses on the fortress walls to illustrate Psalm 46.

Whenever we face hardships of any kind, we can turn to God who loves us and protects us.


This was taken about a minute after we started.  Everyone just grabbed pieces of cardboard and started building.



The fortress was finished in less than an hour.  Everyone fit nicely inside during our lesson for the night.



I had to show this pic.  The fortress that took an hour to build took less than a minute for the students to demolish.  :)